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    Ross Blankenship ("The Investing King") is a top-ranked investor and expert angel investor in many of America's hottest, fastest-growing companies. Ross Blankenship is an investing expert and renowned author on topics such as investing fundamentals that can grow your investment portfolios. Many of these courses are featured on Udemy, YouTube and through Amazon, where books are sold.


    ***UPDATED*** about Ross Blankenship. Ross Blankenship is the leading media expert on entrepreneurship, startups, investing, stock portfolio and investment management. Blankenship advises television, newspaper and online broadcasts on various topics related to startups, angel investing and investing strategies. Blankenship's financial advice is backed with a deep quantitative and analytical approach, combined with previous experience as a 3x entrepreneur and 7x bestselling author on topics ranging from education to entrepreneurship.


    Ross Blankenship attended Cornell University (B.A.), Washington University School of Law (J.D.) and took advanced certificate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


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    Summary of Ross Blankenship's Biography:

    Ross Blankenship continues to make angel investments, personally, and also advise startups that are seeking help understanding how to launch new products.

    Angel Investor in America's Top Startups:

    Authy (acquired by Twilio), Buffer, CafeX, Checkr, Codementor, Compology, Crew (Unsplash), Dil Mil, Experiment, Headout, Homelight, InDinero, Kueski, Managed by Q (Google Ventures), Mavrx, Maxwell Health, Neurable, Notable Labs, Numer.ai, OneMonth, Pakible, RadPad, Rappi, ShapeShift.io, SendHub, StudyHall, TuteGenomics, Verbling, VOIQ, Wheelys Cafe, Wevorce, Weave, Try.com, True & Co, Planetary Resources (Google-backed VC). There are many other startups in which Ross Blankenship has invested, personally.

    Chief Technology Officer | AngelKings.com:

    Angel Kings helps startups design, build, and launch into profitability.

    We are proud to work, and solve, some of the most sophisticated, technology challenges that can arise.



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  • Bestselling Author on Startups + Investing

    Blankenship is a worldwide expert, with more than 300+ appearances at Universities, Colleges, and Corporate Events, in America and Internationally.

    "Ross Blankenship"

    Blankenship's Background

    3x Entrepreneur

    7x Author on Business


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    Writing - Media Analysis - Financial Sector Coverage

    Investing Expert - Ross Blankenship


    Angel Kings Investment Group

    Financial Newsletter


    Blankenship's monthly newsletter covers topics such as finance, investing and creating long-term wealth habits by thinking smart in the short-term.




    Media Expert on finance and investing - Ross Blankenship

    Media Expert on Investing

    Online, Print and Television Broadcasts

    Blankenship advises top financial media outlets such as Bloomberg, Business Insider, and more on investing, finance and investing money.



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    Books highlighting the importance of smart capital meeting intelligent, driven entrepreneurs.

    (signed copy) Kings Over Aces by Ross Blankenship

    (signed copy) Kings Over Aces by Ross Blankenship

    ntrepreneurs, Founders and CEOs, Learn how to find and invest in the next billion-dollar startups and IPOs. Inside access: "The best book on startups, venture capital and angel investing in America!" This is the official textbook on venture capital, angel investing, and private equity (http://angelkings.com/invest). Do you want to invest in America's top startups? Or are you an investor who wants to get into venture capital and startup investments? What if you had the opportunity to be a startup investor in the next Facebook, Uber, Google or Airbnb? Now, you can.
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     (signed copy) The Investing King by Ross Blankenship

    (signed copy) The Investing King by Ross Blankenship

    Are you an investor? What if you were given the keys to unlock potential investing returns of 10x, 100x or even 1,000x, on your investment dollars? How much would you pay for these keys? To learn about the next, great startups in America. The good news is that for the cost of a few cups of coffee, we've decided to give you the most powerful formula ever released to the startup world. The keys to this formula - "The Blankenship Valuation Method" - embody the core startup DNA that separates successful startups from the failures. This book is for startups, entrepreneurs and angel investors.
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